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Recent things:

19/11/2013 The Kickstarter for HOOD has just gone live, complete with promo video by Flashcards!

Written by Ant Jones and drawn by Armin Ozdic

Written by Ant Jones and drawn by Armin Ozdic

Please give it a watch, give it a share, and if you’re into comics, consider pledging to make this comic a reality!

09/07/2013 The other day, while gatecrashing one of the band’s practices in the run-up to Free Noise with Friends, I ran my initial concepts for a music video past the triad of musicians who make up Three-Sphere. They seemed to like them. Now I feel like I have quite a lot to live up to (not to mention quite a lot of mirrors to find). They’re sharing their own thoughts on the video and new recordings on their own blogs – check the links to follow them. The first part of their Unplugged gig, Shaman, is now online to watch as well, courtesy of Chloe “All-Photographing” Isherwood.

15/04/13 Following a rebranding and rearranging, here’s a quick site map for the new layout:

Home - updates and announcements

Modelling - a selection of my portfolio and links to the rest of it

Project Flashcards - a series of short films from a collaboration of writers, actors and creative crew

Writing - my own short stories, my featured writers, and my proofreading services

Blog - concerning the other things on the website

About - including links to other places you can find me online and other things online that I like

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