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Hello friends and followers,

Following an unnecessarily lengthy dark period over Christmas (where Christmas lasts from mid-November to late January) and a sudden burst of everything to be done, I’ll soon be completely overhauling and revamping this website, and until then I won’t be updating this blog regularly. Here are a few final updates to tide you over until the new website is up and running:

> I got a new job. Woohoo!

> Surrey Rollergirls were on GetSurrey and TGTSurrey recently, and we’re playing at Eastbourne Extreme  in July.

> In late January I directed the first two shorts for the newly branded PROJECT FLASHCARDS, both of which are now in a lengthy and incompetence-highlighting post-production.

> Isherwood Extreme informs me she has a few modelling shoot ideas she would like me to take part in, but in classic Chloe style won’t tell me what they are. I am hoping they involve warm clothes.

Two more shoots for Project Flashcards are in preproduction for the next few months, as well as initial planning for Three-Sphere’s first music video “Diamonic”. Until my new website is up and running I’ll be updating in miniature on Twitter, so follow me @cnhwilliams88 and look out for #projectflashcards and other such hashtags.