A Special Announcement: Behind the scenes with Chloe Isherwood

Posted: 24/04/2013 in Project Flashcards
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With the initial madness of releasing the first installment of Project Flashcards a little way behind, I thought about writing a blog detailing how the challenge went, amusing anecdotes from the shoot, what I learned from the editing process and so on. Then I discovered that Chloe “I think I might have found my true calling” Isherwood had gone ahead and done it already. So in the spirit of collaboration I am handing over to the director of photography for A Special Announcement for her account of the shoot. As a preface, please find my account in statistics-form:

Hours in challenge: 48

Hours spent shooting: 8 (6 for main shoot, 2 for pickups)

Hours spent editing: 24

Hours spent sleeping: 9 (read: far too many)

Capri-Sun cartons consumed: 7

Times lead actor nearly died: 1

Hop over to Chloe’s blog to read her full account of shooting A Special Announcement!

Watch this space for 2nd Unit Director Andrew Cunningham’s account of the shoot from the other side.

A Special Announcement - click here to watch!


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