Hood: the Kickstarter (part 1)

Posted: 21/11/2013 in Project Flashcards
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Kickstarter total at time of writing: £1,565, 34% funded

Those of you following me on Twitter will have seen copious usage of the hashtag #hood for the last three weeks. That’s because in that time, Flashcards have been working on a video for a Kickstarter promoting Hood, a graphic novel written by our mate Anthony Jones. You’ll have heard me talk about Ant before – I first met him when he sundered our nation and led us into civil war (disclaimer: events may not have actually happened). He’s a graphic novel writer, among other things, and the Kickstarter will be funding the creation and publication of the second half of Hood. The Kickstarter went live at about 7pm yesterday, and smashed the first £1,000 in four hours.

There are just under four weeks left to make a pledge to Hood. In that time you can read about the making of the video itself, Flashcards’ fourth shoot and second finished product to make it out of post-production.


A month or so before everything kicked off, Ant proposed the idea of shooting a Kickstarter video with the brief “more interesting than some geek blubbering into his webcam”. He’d had come across this video which had the style and feel he wanted to emulate. His deadline was pretty tight: once we’d settled on a weekend and Chloe had shuffled around her schedules to accommodate, we had three weeks from shoot to release.

The script presented challenge after challenge. The whole concept was built around tracking shots, which we didn’t have the gear for. We needed an indoor location because of the weather, but had no lighting. There was a lot to shoot in two days, and the sun set at 16:00. And we needed a man to wear tights. That was probably the biggest headache.

Thankfully in my arsenal of crowdsourcing and collaborating I had Kiera Gould, who is not only a remarkably resourceful and supportive friend but is also the sister of fight choreographer Robin – which solved our man-in-tights issue in a way only siblings can. Making shotlists and schedules is one of Kiera’s countless talents, and by the end of an afternoon we had a solid plan. On Saturday we’d return to ‘Lambda’, the location from Announcement, call time 07:00, and Sunday would be pickups at our house in Surrey from 11:00. The following few days were spent scraping together props and crew, and suddenly it was 05:00 on Saturday and I was off to cram Cédric, Phil and a wheelchair into my car.

Day 1: Lambda

At 07:00 we arrived at Lambda and met the rest of the team. We left the lads setting up scenes in one of the warehouses while I took Ant, Chloe, Kiera and Cédric around to a field to shoot what turned out to be a completely unnecessary scene due to my misinterpretation of the script. So far so…hmm.

Hood Kickstarter Video

Photo by Cédric Hauteville

But the rest of the day went well. It was the first time I’d needed to work to a schedule, but I’d seen Kiera work her 1st AD magic before, only this time I was the one being hassled by her instead of supporting her hassling from the other side. Drew turned up halfway through the day with a multitude of amazing sandwiches. I’d asked Ant to learn his lines, but Ant is two things: 1) a force unto himself, and 2) very good at ad-libbing, so each shot ended up with almost unique dialogue. Chloe particularly enjoyed being able to move around the site and actually use her camera properly on account of having two hands again. We had a brief downpour which I thought was going to cut the shoot very short, but it cleared up and we ended up wrapping slightly ahead of schedule.

To be continued…

Hood: The Kickstarter, promoting the upcoming coming by Ant Jones and Armin Ozdic

Click the image to pledge to Hood!


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