A Russian AFFAIR

Posted: 17/04/2017 in Uncategorized

Today we finally called it a day and published “A Russian AFFAIR“, our 2015 Sci-Fi-London 48-Hour challenge! Total time to complete: 18,408 hours.

I wrote a bunch about this two years ago, but in summary:

We wrote, shot and edited this short within the 48 hours, and submitted it to the contest. But due to various disasters during the post-production process on the second day, I wasn’t happy with the final result. Since I felt like the finished film did not do justice to the work we had put in, I decided to withhold the short and work on a ‘remastered’ version.

The main issues with the film were:

  1. The ‘studio’ footage was too dark, making it hard to see Zac’s face almost all the time
  2. The dialogue got quieter at the end while the music got louder, so I had to bring the music volume down to hear the final lines, ruining the dramatic build of Drew’s music

Since being able to see and hear the lead character was fairly important for the short, I decided it was worth another shot.

During a weekend lockdown, Chloe fixed the colour and lighting, bringing Zac’s face into the light and hiding some pesky cables which crept into shot. Over the Bank Holiday weekend just passed, Drew remixed the whole audio, improving all the levels and magically removing the sound of Chloe’s light fan which had plagued us during the shoot. The final film doesn’t show either of those improvements, if you hadn’t seen it initially, but in my opinion, the initial version was unwatchable.

This is far from my favourite short, but it was an absolute pleasure to work with Zachary Street, whom we poached from Fallen Soldiers, and I learned from the weekend, as one always does. (You can read about me learning hard lessons in my previous blog posts.)

Also, this marks Chloe Isherwood’s debut performance in one of our shorts, which she was very pleased about.

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