Ceri produces and directs shorts and promotional films with Flashcards, a collaborative filmmaking project based in south England. Flashcards has taken part in the Sci-Fi-London 48-Hour Challenge three times, worked with comic writer Ant Jones on his Kickstarter promotion, and worked on several other short productions in the last three years. Ceri also writes, edits and acts (a bit). She has worked with Sky Vision, Savage Media, Loop Productions and SPLEXT Productions.

Ceri skates with the Surrey Rollergirls roller derby league, mostly jamming, as Kerosene #16. With SRG she competed in the Eastbourne Extreme tournament in 2013 and 2014, the Heartland Series 2014 (south west division) and the British Championships 2015 (central south division).

Ceri is a BA: Hons Graduate in English Language and Linguistics, specialising in etymology and language acquisition. She claims to be particularly good at spelling long words backwards from memory.

Ceri is also a part-time model, especially active in 2013, working closely with Chloe Isherwood along with a few other photographers. She has appeared in promotional literature for FacetNation and Riordan Jewellers.

Find Ceri:

Twitter: @cnhwilliams88

Instagram: @cnhwilliams88

Project Flashcards: www.projectflashcards.wordpress.com


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