See below for more information on the shoots, photographers and makeup artists I have worked with.

I got into modelling quite by accident on account of the tenacious and talented photographer Chloe Isherwood. A model herself, she is a funny, vibrant, dynamic and overall talented photographer, as well as artist, gamer, motorbike enthusiast and ferreteer. I knew Chloe at college (before she was cool), and when she worked her way around to the other side of the camera she asked if I would pose for her while she was still practicing her location work. A year or so later she asked me to join her for a studio shoot, then another, and it sort of spiralled out of my control from there. Although I have once or twice gone out of my way to set up my own shoots, Chloe has done a lot for me in including me in her work, putting me in contact with other photographers and generally showing me how to be any good.  You can find Chloe’s work on her blog and website, and see the other wonderful models she’s worked with.

I met Pete Baldrey when he was working with Chloe, and actually my first experience shooting with him was on one a promotional day on Guildford high street at which I was sporting questionably ridiculous pigtails. He has a vast portfolio and is especially approachable for newcomers to the industry.

Matthew Stainer is another friend of Chloe’s whom I had the pleasure to meet (read: was bundled into a car and taken to an abandoned mine in the middle of nowhere where no one could hear me crying).  He has an amazing eye for locations and combining model and backdrops, and was very good to put up with me, Chloe and Rachel being ridiculous all day.

Some of the makeup artists I’ve also worked with include Rachel Nicholson, also a model, and and Hannah Lonergan, recent front-cover artist for Girls On Film magazine.

FacetNation is an Aldershot-based business run by Amy Hubbard, who also works for Riordan. Amy is a lovely person to be around and her work is innovative, interesting and breathtaking. Two of her ranges you can see in this gallery – High Tea and Amulet – as well as a handful of other pieces including my personal favourite, the Red Baroque Pearl and Garnet necklace, which Chloe gave to me for my birthday after the shoot.

S. E. Riordan is another Fleet-based company with whom we worked shortly after FacetNation. They mostly deal in incredible silverware and sculptures but trusted Chloe, Rachel and me for an evening with a selection of their jewellery worth roughly three times more than all three of us combined. It was my first ever paid modelling job and my face was in their shop window for a few months.


Not this picture. The picture in this picture.

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Disclaimer: All of the images on this page and any other page of this website belong to the photographers who took them; these should all be stated with the pictures themselves, but please contact me for further information and please do not use, edit, share or otherwise take liberties with any of these images without consent of the photographer.

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