Back in 2012 my website was primarily a platform for pushing my writing and proofreading efforts. I’m too cool for reading these days (cough) but I’ve always liked the idea of having a place to showcase a bit of my writing and that of other people whose writing I enjoy but otherwise doesn’t get much screen time.

Fiasco! – A short story set in the Wild West inspired by a tabletop game of the same name. A sheriff, his deputy, a store owner and a property lawyer, and the events of one afternoon in a small ranch town in Kansas.

Myst, Robin Gould –  Introduction to a sci-fi novel following a contract killer who stumbles into a darker plot



Disclaimer: Unless otherwise specified, all of the work featured on these pages is written by and belongs to Ceri Williams. Please enjoy but do not copy, share, edit or otherwise take liberties with the texts featured here.

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